Information on our hardwood

Generally hardwoods are best for open fires because they tend not to spit excessively, however there are exceptions. Conifer wood tends to spit excessively when fresh, so is best used for sealed wood burning stoves, again there are exceptions. Many conifers also cause an oily, sticky 'soot' to form inside the chimney which can increase the risks of chimney fires; East Riding Logs does not condone the use of conifer in any fire nor supply it.

During the seasoning process we cut our hardwood to a length of (300mm or 10" to 18"), and then stack it. The stack then is completely covered on the top to prevent rain wetting the wood while maintaining consistent air flow by elevating the stack. All of our wood that we supply is seasoned to a minimum of 1 year, however the majority of the time our locally sustainable wood will have been seasoned for 2 years.